Sell your cars to T4G

Simple, easy, and without hidden costs.

A serious and professional appraisal

In T4G, we help dealers around the country with a serious and professional appraisal of their cars. It can be exchange, warehouse or wholesale cars - we are happy to help with all car sales. Today we have more than 400+ dealers affiliated – both small and large. The thing they all have in common is that they want personal service that is transparent and straightforward. 

Our platform can be managed on the computer or the phone – and it is free to download and use.  


We buy all kinds of cars - get an appraisal within 30 min.


Quick and easy trading - no unnecessary hassle. We take care of handling, transport and preparation.


Transparency - we do not deduct anything in either fees, transport or in our binding offers.


We have a distinct digital DNA - and we tailor solutions for companies with a larger volume of cars.


The most dynamic pricing on the market - we always provide current prices.


Safe trading - you can always feel safe trading with T4G. We are part of BCA Auto Auktion in Vejle, where hundreds of cars are handled daily.