Buy Back with T4G

Repurchase agreement after end of use period.


Sell the car before it is registered - we bear the risk of the residual value.


Easy trading and handling - our Buy Back experts will help you through the entire process.


Transparency - know the terms of the agreement and application from start to finish.


Quick effect on sales goals - and the opportunity to forecast your sales over an extended period.


No limit on the number of cars - let's grow together.


Guaranteed revenue and earnings - a positive ripple effect through the entire business.

Let us help you

On behalf of our many business partners, we order cars for rent directly from your company, provided that the cars can be delivered within a minimum of 6 months. T4G handles registration and makes sure that the cars are used in Denmark. We work with you to set the terms of use in advance. The only thing you need to worry about is delivering the cars at the agreed upon time and price. Let us help you create a continuous turnover and thereby ensure the sales goals in your business.

If you have cars for demo, leasing, or workshop in your fleet and would like to know all the costs associated with the cars during the entire period in which they are in your ownership, you can make an advance agreement with us, which gives you certainty for continuous growth. At the same time, you can feel secure with the ability to plan the phasing in and out of your fleet well in advance.

Contact us to find the right solution for your business.